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College football, its an American lust to watch it and talk about it from sport talk shows, interviews, social media, and bragging about whos team is America’s best. With such ongoing debate, will there still be college football say twenty or thrity years from now? Who knows, were just going to have to find out when that time comes, but in the meantime with new research evidence and arguments being made by both sides whether or not to ban football or atleast change the regulations that makes college football a brutal sport. Only time will tell when such changes can be implemented to the players and the sport they love. In the Intelligence Squared debate we watched, Buzz Bissinger and his fellow colleague argue that college football should…show more content…
A movie was made about the book which was pretty darn good (for those of you who haven’t seen it), and an even better TV show was made which was loosely based off the movie. Mr. Bissinger suggest that colleges should lose the distraction of football to focus on its true purpose: academics. He goes into a few other key topics, but that is the root of his argument. Obviously, I strongly disagree with his suggestion on banning college football. Let’s just take a minute, and think about the consequences of Bissinger's suggestion - to ban college football. First off, there are very few schools outside the Ivy League that are known for their academics. Georgetown, Stanford and a few others might make the list, but most people associate a particular school with either their football or basketball aptitude (and when Bissinger says he wants to ban college football, I have to assume he wants to ban college basketball and other well played sports). The matter of fact is, if you look at it from this sense is that football brings people together in the name of a particular school. Some donors only put money towards athletics, but there is the other half who donate to

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