Homicide Crime Scene Investigation

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Homicide Crime Scene Investigation When it comes to crime scene investigations, homicide crime scenes can be the most exhilarating, as well as the most stressful part of the job for any officer of the law. This paper will discuss how a homicide occurs, along with the different types of techniques and methods used when investigating a homicide. When a homicide occurs, it is critical for law enforcement officers to follow the same procedures as with any other crime scene. Once the scene has been confirmed that a murder took place, the classification switches to become a homicide investigation which requires additional critical steps to be performed. When working a homicide, the first step is to summon a homicide investigation response team (HIRT). This team is required in order to assure all matters of the scene are taken into evidence and are accounted for (Ogle, Jr.). In addition to the homicide investigation response team, other law enforcement personnel are often needed to solve the…show more content…
This individual specializes in the decomposition of the body. Insects, mammals and reptiles, along with the weather all can have a prolonged effect on a body and the manner of decomposition before it was found. With the help of an entomologist, they can help identify the approximate time the death occurred, along with how long the body has been died and whether or not natural elements played a part in the decomposition process. Investigative personnel should call an entomologist when insect larva is present, primarily because the collecting of larva and insect evidence can help aid the investigation in multiple ways. For example, the lab can help identify the stage of the larva, therefore they can determine how long the body has been at the crime scene. This is very key to investigations because an estimated time of day of death can be

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