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All summer in a day is a short fictionale tale written by the american author Ray bradbury, published in March in 1954. This story is one of the his greatest works and tells the story of a small girl called margot, who lives in the planet venus. There, the sun appears only for two hours every seven years. Most of the story is set on Margot’s class, and she is the only one who has seen the sun as she moved to Venus from the earth around 5 years before. No one in her class believed her she had every seen the sun, as a consequence to this, she was bullied in school and treated bad by her fellow classmates, she ends up being locked up in a locker. The main character in this story is Margot, she was born in the earth and because of this all of the students in her class envied her because she had seen the sun much more often that the other kids in the class. When the sun was about to appear, the teacher took all the class outside to enjoy the only hour of sun for the next seven years. There, the kids played and shared an amazing time with the sun. In all of the enjoyment, the children forgot they had left Margot locked inside the closet, and felt ashamed of what they had done as Margot missed an opportunity to see the sun she loved very much…show more content…
We can see how the author uses pathetic fallacy to enhance the feeling of depression in the book with the rain and the horrible climate when Margot is locked inside the closet while the sun is coming out and all of her classmates are watching it. This also ties up to the theme of depression. The other theme I could sense in this story is envy, envy from the other kids towards Margot, as she had enjoyed the sun for five years while she was living in the earth while the other classmates had not seen the sun. This is one of the main reasons why the other kids were jealous at her at locked her so she could not see the

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