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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on another planet? The story "All Summer in a Day" was written by Ray Bradbury. It rains a lot on this planet and the sun rarely comes out. The main character Margot gets locked into a closet while the sun is out. Margot used to live on earth. The atmosphere is awful and really wet on Venus. She is bullied and is treated like dirt, they demean her. To make themselves feel better they hurt Margot. Margot also feels very dissatisfied with her living conditions. When you live on another planet it's a whole new world of sadness, things are unfamiliar and clouded. The atmosphere of the planet has been very gloomy and rainy for 7 years until one day when the sun comes out for two hours. Margot doesn't like the rain. It has rained for 7 years then the 2 hours of sun for one day. She misses the earth and the sun on earth. "She came here 5 years ago from earth". She is depressed a lot of the time she is there. She is hated and bullied at her school. It's cold and wet in Venus which makes it hard for the kids to play. She is depressed because of the cold and moist atmosphere. She feels incomplete and lost.…show more content…
There was talk her parents were taking her back to Earth. The children hate her even more now. She remembers the sun on earth, how it was warm and yellow. She though the sun was miraculous when she was back on earth. She felt secluded because she wasn't like the other kids. She feels very distant and separate because she is the only one out of her classmates who have seen the sun. It seems that her parents aren't going to come back for her. She is sad because her parents and the climate of the planet doesn't help. The other people don't really help the

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