Analysis Of Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

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When we read about early civilizations beginning to blossom and how their means of communication were created, there often stirs a question of how our country and other countries around the world got to be the way they are today. Creation and the upbringing of new ideas are essentially the foundations of how our country and its systems of government have come to be what we know them as. In creating a government, there are many opinions on how a country should be run and what is in the best interest of its citizens. Playing in to a government’s foundations are beliefs and values and what each founder believes to be true for the good of its people. The act of ensuring safety to the citizens, giving power to the people and preserving equality…show more content…
After such tragedy, it is the role of the country’s government to hold its citizens up and attempt to maintain a healthy and safe environment. Our group came to a conclusion when creating our government that the safety of our citizens would be a top priority. We ensured this by creating different departments in our government that specialize in fulfilling the major needs of the citizens after the crisis. We named these departments ‘Houses.’ The categories included are the House(s) of Defense, Agriculture, Education, Law, Equality, Architecture, and Medicine. Author Ray Bradbury’s story titled “All Summer in a Day” related similarly with our government’s situation. Bradbury’s tale was about a class of students who became free when their source of authority, the teacher, left the classroom. The students felt that they could make their decisions for themselves because they had no power over them. This story was essentially about being in a state of nature and how the individuals would react when put in this position. Our government’s situation relates to this story in the way that our citizens were also put into a state of nature. It was ultimately up to our government to come together to benefit the people and make a safe place to live even after difficult

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