Disadvantages Of Online Learning

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The rapid change in the web technologies and internet in last decade has prompted changes in many fields such as economy, society and education. The web technologies make an extreme shift in the education process as it changes the way of how learning contents are delivered to students and trigger a new form of education called e-learning, distance learning or online learning. E-learning which is a web based learning uses computers and networks to facilitate delivery, managing and supporting of online learning resources to learners [1]. It aims to help people to learn in ways that are faster, easier and less expensive than traditional learning and to improve or accelerate learner’s performance. Nowadays e-learning systems become usual environment…show more content…
E-learning systems have beginning to use different educational data mining techniques for the purpose of analyzing learner’s learning data so they can predict his/her performance and spot learners that are underachieving or in the edge to fail the final exam and thus provides personalized learning activities and resources tailored for each learner’s needs and requirements. Furthermore, as the World Wide Web transforms into semantic web, lots of e-learning related research has tried to develop intelligent e-learning systems by utilizing Semantic Web technologies such as Ontology and Semantic Web Rule Languages (SWRL) [5]. Using both educational data mining techniques and ontology in e-learning systems is essential process in order to understand learning process and improve learner’s performance as they evolve over period of time by interacting with each other…show more content…
Educational Data Mining (EDM) is the process of discovering useful information or knowledge from raw data generated from educational systems. This knowledge can be introduced and used by different stakeholders such as tutors, learners, educational software developers, parents and other educational researchers through utilization of different data mining techniques [13]. Data mining techniques have been classified from different points of view; Ryan Baker [14] classifies it into: Prediction, Clustering, Relationship mining, Distillation of data for human judgment and Discovery with models. Currently there is an increasing interest of utilizing data mining techniques in education systems [15]. Analyzing the huge amount of data generated by learners during learning process; can help in discovering useful information about learners

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