All Lives Matter Analysis

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Causes of the Racial War In America today there are tensions between black citizens and white police officers. Nationally 385 people were gunned down just between the first 5 months this year (Kindy). The problems have aroused because of the recent events of police officers shooting black citizens. Because of these race issues another problem has occurred on social media about the hashtag of “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter”. In Paul Bishop’s descriptive article “The Crisis in Law Enforcement: Part I,” he uses his unbiased opinions about the faults in social media and his experiences as a police officer to justify the problems of the racial divide. Bishop talks about social media playing a big role in this fight for equality.…show more content…
Bishop explains how he understands the public's thoughts on the police killings: “I too am frustrated by the deadly cost of these egregious episodes of police violence, failures in training, and unprofessional behaviors.” Bishop too is part citizen when he is not at work, so he understand that police brutality is not right. There strives to be a change and “[l]ying, turning a blind eye, or joining in a cover up -- at any level -- makes those participating as guilty as those involved in the original incident.” Being a police officer might have some effect on bishop’s opinion but he discusses in his paper how these officers that are not following the rules should be punished for their…show more content…
Bishop says, “I am often accosted by friends and acquaintances demanding explanations for the recent flood of police abuses across the country.” People make accusations thinking that all police officers know what's going on between this racial war. Many of them, like bishop, think that “[l]t is plain and simple corruption.” Bishop explains that because we judge others so quickly is causes this fight to continue. the Black citizens believe they are right and that most police officers are corrupt and they should to be punished. They believe their rights are being taken from them but in reality, some of them are just breaking the law and sometimes police officers are

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