Nt1330 Unit 1 Summary

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In the unit one seminar for this course the class was given an overview of the course and its objectives, important information about the course, the professor and schools policies, and an overview of the unit one topic. The professor began with a description of the course, what to expect, and the important information that can be found in the course syllabus. The syllabus includes important information about the class such as the textbook information, the professor’s contact information, office hours, grading rubrics, and the requirements for each unit. After briefly discussing the contents of the syllabus the professor explains the policies for submitting late work for this course. In order to make learning a priority, notification of late work in advance may result in not loosing points when there are extenuating circumstances. The professor then discusses the school’s policies for plagiarism and academic integrity, as well as her own…show more content…
These technologies include software for word processing, creating spreadsheets, documenting time and billing, accounting, calendars, preparing for trial, and delivering emails and documents. Of these technologies the last three are considered critical and most important of those listed above. After this, the class briefly discusses the benefit of using temp offices when entering the field for the first time to gain experience, followed by a discussion about the benefits of electronic file systems in law offices. These benefits include the savings on time and money that a traditional filing system costs, work is done faster and is less tedious, and e-filing is considered a green practice, which is good for the environment. Voice recognition software is also available and can create a more efficient and effective employee and law

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