Beauty And The Beast By Dave Barry Analysis

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Tabitha Bigley English 100-J October 9, 2014 Summary Analysis In this article Beauty and the Beast written by Dave Barry he states that men and women have very different views on themselves. Men tend to believe that they look average know matter how they actually look. Women on the other hand believe that they are “not good enough”. The authors states that for a man it is impossible to tell a woman they look good because they will never believe you. Men and women have different thoughts on how they look. Men’s perspective on themselves never change, whether this is a good or bad thing they do not care. Men have very simple procedures to find themselves well-groomed, unlike women who go to many extremes to look their best. Most men don’t notice or even seem to care about the extreme women go through.…show more content…
Dave Barry used many good details that helped the brain connect to the concept and make you think about specific detail in your life that are relatable. Everyone knows and can relate to the opening paragraph of this article. Us as women are obsessed about what other people think of us. We will always ask others for their opinion but it will never change our own thoughts. The author used a very clear method switching from one example to another or he men’s perspective to the women’s. This article made me realize that women spend way too much time worry about what others think rather than themselves. As long as you are happy with yourself nothing else matters. This article also made me realize that men have a very hard job trying to deal with us women and are forever changing hair and nail color changing. Women ask for men’s opinion but if they say women look bad they are wrong and if they say they look good women will not believe them. Women are complicated and as a women I can admit this. Men spend their whole lives trying to figure women out when in all actuality women have no idea how to figure themselves

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