Hawthorne Effect In The Workplace

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Many individuals are not aware that being observed by supervisors and colleagues at work can influence one’s behavior significantly. In addition, the cultivation of effective relationships between managers and their direct reports in the workplace is extremely important. Researchers have found that human relations take a critical role in employee performance. The Hawthorne effect was discovered through a study that was implemented at the Hawthorne plant of the Western Electric Company in Hawthorne, Illinois. According to Aamodt (2016), the study was first designed to research issues which involved wages, lighting levels, temperature, rest breaks, and work schedules on worker performance (Aamodt, 2016, p. 8). After completion of the study, researchers…show more content…
These factory workers in lower-level positions need more attention from managers because they may easily feel too assimilated to a big group, lose touch with their unique sense of self and become unproductive. In this case, employee productivity could increase if factory managers communicate and pay more attention to their direct reports. Managers could genuinely express concern for their well-being during work and make sure employees understand the job by occasionally having meetings with them. This is important because employees working in factories can easily become disengaged with a tedious job. Employee performance would also increase if managers take time to observe their direct reports from time to time. Employees want their leaders to notice their good work ethic in order to feel rewarded and appreciated for all the work they do for a…show more content…
Since interns are students who do not have much experience in a specific career field, they require significant attention by their mentors. If a mentor creates an environment where the intern can trust the mentor, then the intern’s performance at work would increase. This one-on-one and dedicated relationship between an intern and mentor can cause an intern to feel more important, integrated to the business, and determined to do better work because employees tend to be more motivated by emotional factors. For example, mentors who take their interns to seminars and conferences with them are likely to be more appreciated by their interns because mentors are investing time and resources on them. Interns, being new to the workforce, desire to be heard and valued by their mentors. This situation is also beneficial to leaders because effective relationships and trust in the workplace can enhance business output overall. Employees would feel comfortable to contribute with new ideas and leaders would be content with their employees’ input. Human relations are crucial in a work environment and the Hawthorne effect has effectively demonstrated

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