Air Pollution In The Philippines

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When it comes to problems in regards with pollution the top concern is the human health. Pollution may come in varying types like land, water, light, noise, thermal, etc. but the subject matter that will be tackled is air pollution. Aside from the fact that deforestation is the reason for continuous air pollution, other major contributors are smoke emitting from the industries and factories, automobiles, smoking cigarette and other tobacco based products, etc. The absence of trees in the forest is something that is widely neglected or a little bit underrated but even if people wanted to plant millions of trees they will still be faced by their own problem of urban revolution. That brings them into curing the symptoms, brought most especially by urbanized areas, which is smoke from vehicles and cigarettes. Both issues have their own regulations, laws and policies but one downside is that one is more focused than the other which has a greater impact. Thus, limiting vehicle usage can significantly improve teenagers’ health more than the current smoking regulations. During the 8th Annual Clean Air forum held last June 2016 the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) points to vehicle emissions as the leading culprit that provides about 69% of Philippines’ air pollution, having 90% of this from Metro Manila (Pelayo,…show more content…
It is a good thing that there are many regulations or policies implied by the government in both tobacco smoking and vehicle emissions, but when it comes to weighing the negative impacts between these two issues, car emissions is more alerting. Generally it has more significance because by volume in the atmosphere it has a greater value. Even though poisoning of carbon monoxide needs to be in a long duration but with the sufficient amount is still clearly more dangerous than smoking a couple of cigarette

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