Rhetorical Devices In Jfk's Inaugural Address

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In his address to the nation, Kennedy outlines the plan for the future as he assures the American citizens the roles they need to play in the future to help and progress the idea of worldwide freedom and liberty. In order to achieve this goal, Kennedy highlights that America will forever need to hold its stance on the idea of freedom and pledge its support to all those who are suffering from the evils of poverty through the use of alliteration and repetition. Kennedy utilizes alliteration to invoke a sense of comradeship to all nations and assert the idea of freedom to the countries around the world. Kennedy’s states countries will “pay any price, bear any burden”, to stress that America will do whatever is necessary to instill a world order. Using this part of his inaugural address as a warning to those countries who are vying to convert their country into a communist nation rather than a republic, Kennedy becomes firm on insisting nations to support the US in its goal to achieve a world instilled with its ideals and democratic values. Towards the end of his address, Kennedy wants the American people to “go forth to…show more content…
Relying on historical precedence Kennedy is able to shift his focus from the ideas and problems of the past to the problems of the present. In hopes of decreasing the ideological differences between people, Kennedy assures the need for people to work together rather than work alone. In order to share his goals with the people of the world, Kennedy effectively uses alliteration to make a promise to the developing world of American aid to improve their condition of living and soundly uses repetition to work together with the USSR in the hopes of achieving more for the

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