Analysis Of B Malu's Twist Of Fate

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This is the story of a stubborn girl who refused to listen to the advice of her parents until a "twist of fate" caused her really to experience the consequences of her actions. The story addresses parents' challenge regarding the education of children, a subject often controversial and very current today. There are also examples that show how certain childhood habits can be carried over and have unwanted results in the future, if not properly addressed in the present. The episodes of our history approach the matter simply - and in many cases with a certain amount of humor, emotion and adventure - related topics: motivation for study, healthy eating, consumerism, sustainability, organization and cleanliness, thinking about the future, planning, bullying, helping others, gratitude, living in the present, among others. This is a book to be read both…show more content…
She began to question the things her parents said and seemed unhappy most of the time, however much they tried to please you. She no longer paid attention to the advice of her parents - sometimes the words seemed to "go in one ear and out the other." And to top it off, she also began to tease her brother over small things. Her parents tried to teach her the right way to do things, but often she would rather do it "her way,” and ended up doing things the wrong way. Sometimes their parents lost their patience and gave her a big "dressing-down.” So then, for some time, things seemed to "fall into place,” but shortly afterwards she would behave in the same rebellious way. Her parents - Lucas and Flora - at first thought that jealousy over her brother was probably the reason for Malu’s strange behavior. In fact, she was jealous of Bob and repeatedly showed this feeling, especially when her parents scolded her for her stubbornness. But whenever possible her parents tried to make it clear - both with actions and words – that they loved both children

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