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vAs discussed above, India is a major producer of food (fruits, vegetables, wheat, pulse, milk, spices etc) in the world. India is addressed as the ‘Food Bowl’ of the world which may not be a fallacy (Figure 1.1). The production of food in India has shown a steady growth in the recent past and according to the Ministry of Agriculture of India, the trend will continue in the coming decade. The growth for food sector in India can be attributed to diverse habitats it offers. The country has rich spectrum of congenial climatic conditions for almost all types of agricultural produce in every states. There are vast spans of arable land (161 million hectares) and immense acreages under irrigation. The diverse climatic conditions and land types make it feasible for the production of varied types of crops all the year round. According to Business Line, more than 50% of the land in India is cultivable as compared to the world average of 11%. But in contrast, the contribution of agriculture to the country’s GDP has declined from 56 per cent in 1950 to approximately 17 per cent in 2008. There has not been any significant shift in the occupational structure (55 per cent of the work force continues to depend on agriculture). Therefore, the agriculture’s importance in terms of economic prosperity and the socio-political fabric of…show more content…
The world market of processed food has undergone a drastic change, shifting away from the bulk form of processed food to value added consumer packed foods, swinging to changes in food habits, life styles and other market forces. Most importantly the processed food market has changed due to changes in buying behavior, where in individuals decide on whether, what, when, where, how and from whom to purchase processed food. The need to produce high quality hygienic processed food free from hazardous chemicals and their residues has gained utmost importance in recent

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