Age Face Recognition Process

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A NOVEL METHOD FOR AGE INVARIANT FACE RECOGNITION R. Prema Dr. P. Shanmugapriya Research Scholar and Assistant Professor Associate Professor Dept. of CSE Dept. of IT SCSVMV University SCSVMV University Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu, India Kanchipuram ,Tamil Nadu, India. Abstract- Security and authorization of person is a crucial part of any industry or organization. There are many techniques are available in the industry .Techniques are Password management system, ,finger print, signature matching etc., one of them is face recognition system. It has received substantial attention from researchers in various fields of science such as biometrics and image processing and Face…show more content…
The cranial size of a face increases quickly as a person grows until 19 years old. After that, the facial texture change becomes the dominant factor for human aging [2]. Wrinkles are deepened at the sides of the eyes, and freckles and aging spots occur on the face skin. However, shape and texture correlate with each other deeply on the face,and are also influenced by other factors, such as pose and illu-mination. This phenomenon makes cross-age face verification an even more challenging problem. Based on the above observations, we extract shape and tex-ture from the faces and model them separately. 68 face landmark points are located by the OMRON face alignment algorithm. Faces are aligned according to the centers of two eyes and that of the mouth. The shape information is represented by the nor-malized coordinates of landmark points on the aligned…show more content…
Every person, if no deathly accident or disease occurs, experiences the growing process from childhood, youth to adult and old age, in a temporal order. No one can go through the process the other way around. It is slow with decades of time, but irreversible. Based on the characteristics, the face appearance change of each subject should be considered as a function of both identity and age. Each image in the cross-age face dataset should have and the age label.two labels: the identity label This is the difference between the ordinary face verification problem and the cross-age face verification problem. For the ordinary face verification problem, given two input faces and , the system verifies whether equals. No age information is considered in the ordinary face system. In the cross-age face verification system, given two input facesatandat.Then it will work based on

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