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Digi Post-paid is one of the mobile service provided by Digi. It is a product where user can call, short message service (SMS), Media Message Service (MMS), and also mobile internet (2G, 3G &4G). The product itself is a Sim Card which is installed in a phone, either its normal sim card, micro sim card or Nano sim card. Users are able to access the service after register with authorized Digi Centre. Digi Post-paid is basically is a service where customer “use first and pay later”, hence the word, post-paid. The sim card would contain amount of talk time and messages depends on the package or plan that a user had choose. If a user exceeded the amount which they have subscribed to a plan, user have to pay extra money during the payment at the…show more content…
Both of this plans gives a lot of mobile data for a customer who often uses the internet on their smartphones. Both of this plans offers a lot of extra free stuffs which will take attention of a customer and will attract a customer to use the plan. 1.1.1 Stores Digi Store is literally located in all states of Malaysia. Total of 249 Digi Stores are located in all nationwide. Since it’s located in all states in Malaysia in official website of Digi there is a page where we can find the nearest location of the Digi store by just typing in our place nor state. It also shows you the map and the direction to go to the nearest store. This will definitely attract more customers to Digi. Digi has their own unique style of promoting their postpaid plan, which can attract customers’ attention. Where they give cheap prizes to big amount of packages, as known as the Digi Smart Plan where all the prices and the bonuses which given by Digi is a…show more content…
Advertising gets to people through different forms of communication. Newspapers, Magazines, and direct mail. TV, radio and Internet are among the most important electronic media. Digi is one well known company is because of their advertising method. They use some outside box of thinking and innovative of ideas for their advertising which is the main reason why Digi could attract customers. Digi commonly advertise their product by broadcasting advertising and outdoor advertising .Broadcast advertising is commonly used by Digi to advertise their company. Broadcast advertising refers to ads that you either see or hear on television or radio. Digi is well known with their broadcast advertising where they come out with different and creative advertisement which gets people attentions. Digi also uses outdoor advertising to promote their company. Outdoor advertising encompasses any sort of advertisement that you come in contact with outside of the home or a building. Where Digi often advertise via banners and posters on sidewalk and also on advertising

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