African American Women Research Paper

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Hair is a vital part of African American Beauty. It is evident in the magazines we read and the shows we watch what is perceived as beauty for African American Women. Media plays a significant role in young black women especially when they are children. (Bryant 2013) Black women have a high regard for their appearance. Hampton University students especially have a high regard for hair. Some student events are surrounding the subject of hair; sometimes the students receive free hair care products. Even as college students who are not necessarily “wealthy” spend a good amount of money they receive on hair alone. With popular slang terms such as “her hair is laid” or “her hair is on fleek” (fleek- a slang term meaning flawless) it is clear that…show more content…
The stigma of black men loving light skin women with good hair or white women contributes to the self hatred African American women have. (Akintunde 1997) Some men are known for saying they want, I white women or light skin women so our babies will be beautiful. (Akintude 1997). In an HBO def comedy jam special it showed how African American men ridicule women for having short natural hair saying your hair is so short that I am able to see your thoughts. (Akintunde 1997) He was pointing out the black women’s hair was short and nappy (term for tightly coiled hair). Others ways how the media subliminal glorifies light skin women is on the Cosby show. Dr. Huxtable who is a dark skin African American man married to a light skin women (Akintunde 1997). Their children are also light skin except for the son who is dark like his father (Akintunde 1997). The Cosby show was the ideal family in the 80s for black people. In black culture this show epitomized what it meant to be living the American dream as a black male. African American women spend millions of dollars on hair products and trying to make their hair like white women’s hair (Akintunde 1997). Reverting to its natural state (nappy) is most undesirable (Akintunde 1997). If black women spend all their money to become what white women’s hair is naturally, they are rejecting their self. Black women are subliminally saying that being in their natural state is ugly (Akintude1997). A lot of pressure to look good comes from acceptance from the Black man. It causes stress on black college women because there is a shortage in college educated black men (Henry 2008). Specifically in Predominantly white institutions because black men gravitate to white women or light skin women. (Henry

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