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1.1 - Introduction Racial discrimination is a topic heavily researched and discussed, however, the impact regarding holding a local accent compared to a foreign one if often overlooked. The author of the article “What Color is your English”, Gillian Creese, provides academic attention to this ill-researched topic and is one of the first to explore the noteworthy experiences of African Americans in the city of Vancouver. 1.2 - Summary We take our local accent for granted, that’s a fact. The truth is that it’s rather hard to imagine living in Canada without being accustomed to the correct dialect. Unfortunately, Canadians judge others by their accents, and privilege local accents while decimating against those who speak with accents from other…show more content…
The academic paper sets to unravel how the linguistic competency of native English-speaking immigrants from Africa is disputed, particularly in Vancouver, Canada. These rather large accusations can be supported by evidence presented in the form of select focus groups, particularly African women who have an accent. According to the focus group, employment along with various other opportunities are hard to come by because they aren’t perceived as competent and skilled individuals. As previously stated, the authors of the paper “What Color is Your English” have successfully convinced me that these immigrants do indeed suffer from a communication problem, not because of their level of education or merits, but because they hold a distinct accent identified as “African English”. Regrettably, Canadian citizens may unconsciously be taking part in a form of discrimination by creating what is perceived as the correct form of language fluency, causing inequality in the labour market and belittling people for speaking a certain

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