Africa In World History

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Africa is a continent with many different cultures which play a major part in the development of the world history. Most of these cultures originated in Africa and the rest of the world just imitated these cultures in different ways. Moreover, Africa was the cause of a number of often contentious issues in the writing of world history and perhaps, no single world region has played so contradictory roles as Africa. Some scientists believe that Africa is irrelevant to world history. On the contrary, others claim that Africa is situated in the center of human history. To understand the role of Africa in World History fully it is important to consider the evidence which characterizes the development of Africa as the world-historical center, the…show more content…
Over the past decades, the results of this research have created a rich and diverse historiography. The research aimed to prove that the human races are originated from Africa and Africa is a continent which lies in the center of the development of human history. Iris Berger claims that “the earliest human beings, known as hominids, who lived in the vast grasslands of eastern and southern Africa about to six million years ago.” This theory is largely explained by the widespread concepts in paleoanthropology that based on archeological evidence. Moreover, the fossil findings in the Awash Valley in Ethiopia show that the human species emerged in Africa and migrated to the rest of world. Henry W. Gilbert and Berhane Asfaw define the archeological data as evidence of human evolution and explain that “the Middle Awash valley of Ethiopia” is a unique natural place for research “of human origin and evolution.” The fossilized remains which found in these lands provide evidence of human evolution which has modified the conception of the history of…show more content…
The meaning of Africa was viewed from different sides for a long time. Some points of view were based on historical and cultural facts which show the contribution of Africa to world history. The controversial views about Africa emphasize the fact that the knowledge of Africa and the world history was interconnected during the past centuries. Moreover, it is rather difficult to understand the world history without the participation of Africa. By exploring the variety of ways of the impact of Africa on the world history over the years, the world society receives the important knowledge about the complex part of the world known as Africa as well as significant information about of growth and development of world

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