African Colonialism In Africa

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Africa is a considered as being the most struggling continent of earth. It is a continent counting today 1.8 billion inhabitants. Africa is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Southern Atlantic Ocean, the Northern Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Red Sea. It is full of natural resources. Africa is not developing as fast as it should. Why is that? Why is this big continent left behind with all potentials? What are its nations not doing right? Answering these question may require to look into the problem from different perspectives. Some would argue that Africa’s current situation has a lot to do with its history. Some other would point out the bad management of the continent by its leaders as the true cause of the problem. Other…show more content…
It started not along after the abolition of slavery. There were three main reasons that motivated the African colonialism by European powers: political, social, and economic. In the 18th century, one way for European nations to show their predominance was to acquire new territories. However, to avoid war between the imperialists, the Berlin Act came to live and set the partition of the African territory. More other, the boom of the capitalist industrialization did not give to the European powers other choices but to go back to Africa as colonizers. The expansion of their economy was demanding for assured raw resources and materials. A lasting exploitation and domination of Africa then begun for almost two century. African nations were paying the bill for their advanced industry and their amazing infrastructures. “Had colonialism never been imposed on Africa, its development would be significantly different and many of the problems that plague it today would not exist”, said Joshua Dwayne Settles, University of Tennessee - Knoxville. The origin of the extractive economic and political system found today in many parts of Africa can be traced back to the colonization era. Like in Latin America under the Spaniards, extractive political and economic system was the foundation of colonialism in Africa. Moreover, this system concentrated the monopole of the political and economic power in hands of a few privileged

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