Aids Among Africa-American Women Research Paper

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INTRODUCTION Reason for Research: The purpose of this research is to find more information about HIV/AIDS among the Africa-American women. This research will also discuss the knowledge and perception of women of this disease, and how to create more awareness. This research aims at elaborating risky behaviors that can lead to HIV/AIDS, the various ways at which the disease are transmitted, protection against the disease and how to manage the disease. Historical Background: The Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV) was unknown, including the mode of transmission, signs and symptoms prior to 1970. By the early 80’s, the disease was discovered and had already spread to five different continents (North-America, South-America, Africa, Australia and Europe). This Viral infection had no name then, but health organizations called it names according to different sign and symptoms that were seen in some cases. The United States of America was the first country to officially announce the presence of this Virus in 1981. The acronym AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) was suggested…show more content…
To identify how this disease is transmitted, how to be protected, and how it can be managed. Scope and Limitations: This study was conducted at Morgan State University among 10 Africa-American females student, this student were selected at random but their ages ranges from 18-25. The nature of the study used was a simple survey; the survey allowed the student to rate their knowledge of HIV/AIDS as a disease among Africa-American women and some HIV related questions. Due to time limit, the study was restricted to just 10 female student at Morgan State University. Plan of Development: HIV/AIDS is a major issue among Africa-American women, because Africa-America women need to understand how this disease is transmitted, how to be protected against it, and how to manage the

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