Advantages Of Gasoline Additives

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MODERN GASOLINE ADDITIVES Introduction Automobile manufacturing and development has continually witnessed slow but persistent metamorphosis in technology and construction. One of the consequences of such advancements isthe introduction of gasoline additives to the final production of gasoline forms. This very important step in liquid fuel engineering was welcomed at first by virtue of the many benefits that it posed to automobile users and manufacturers. Such benefits were a function of the chemical actions of the organic or synthetic additives on the overall performance of gasoline. An additive could function as a fuel stabilizer, antifreeze, octane booster or injector cleaner. However, the discovery that these additives had probable adverse…show more content…
The different grades of gasoline make use of different forms of these additives to enhance the gasoline product. Stabilizers These class of additives are solutions that provide a protective layer for gasoline in a tank thereby functioning to reduce or prevent the stiff kick experienced when some components of gasoline may have evaporated. This makes the applicability of stabilizers for majorly out of use vehicles i.e vehicles that are not used often. Chemically, a solution of stabilizer contains a mixture of antioxidants and lubricants, both designed to limit rate of evaporation and avert water dissolution. Antioxidants Antioxidants are inhibitors of fuel oxidation. Gasoline fuel normally contains a mixture of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons (especially olefins and dienes) which have the ability of undergoing polymerization to form gums. The gums formed can travel into the engine system and this would inadvertently lead to engine malfunction or break down. Also, the unsaturated moieties can react more readily with oxygen dissolved in gasoline. This easily yields a chain of oxidative reactions forming hydroperoxides (ROOH) and peroxides (ROOR`) in gasoline. The ROOH and ROOR` groups are highly oxidizing agents as well and can result in increasing corrosiveness of the fuel in storage. An antioxidant additive would function as to inhibit the oxidative breakdown that would normally occur in the presence of dissolved oxygen by making the ends of reactive chains inert to additive oxygen.Compounds that make up antioxidants

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