Moon Over Manifest Literary Analysis

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Moon Over Manifest Literary Analysis For those who love historical fiction and with it some adventure and mystery sprinkled in, Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool may be just the story for you. Awarded the 2011 John Newbery Medal for excellence in children’s literature, Moon Over Manifest tells the story of a young girl named Abilene Tucker and the struggles she faces when sent to live in Kansas. Abilene is used to adventure, living day by day with her railroad-working father, she travels with only a sack over her shoulder; but, in Kansas things are different. Besides being an incredibly well written book that reads easily, the novel’s strong literary quality also boasts common themes that all middle and high school students can relate…show more content…
When she tears up a floorboard to hide her bag, Abilene discovers an old cigar box with letters and maps from long ago spy. Despite many of the town’s buildings on the maps being torn down many years before, Abilene is determined to find out the truth about the papers and whether the spy still exists. The conflict in the novel is that while Abilene honors her past, no one in Manifest wants to remember theirs. Going back to the idea of historical fiction, the book is set around the time of the Great Depression and it becomes clear to the reader quickly that there is something strange about Manifest’s past. The adventure of novel progresses and takes a new turn when Abilene meets Miss Sadie who is the only one willing to talk about the town’s past. Miss Sadie tells Abilene about the town’s history during the Great War and how her son Ned was killed in battle. The history of Manifest invokes a lot of pain on townspeople and therefore the identity of the community has become a dry shallow one. Luckily, Abilene is able to heal the community by being there and learning the truth about her

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