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Wolf Brother the first book of the series The Chronicles of ancient Darkness, a novel which became the national bestseller in the United States was written by Michelle Paver. She was born to a South African Father and a Belgian mother in 1960 in Malawi. Although she worked as a legal practice in London, she abandoned her job and started writing children's fantasy books, and Wolf Brother, was the book she published in 2004. This book is focused on the main character, Torak, whose father was killed by a bear that was possessed by a demon. This book writes the journey of Torak to kill the bear and achieve saving the forest. Michelle started writing this book because of her ambition she had since a child. She dreamt of running with the wolves in…show more content…
Nevertheless, some people consider that this is not a book that children should read. According to the site, Goodreads, some readers analyze that this book has too much information in an event. Furthermore, the story events occur too fast that x readers can’t really understand the points of the book. I think that these analysis are accurate because it is true that entire story goes rapidly that it is leaving the crucial points. For example, he pretty much struggles to solve many circumstances. Despite this, plot, the story before ending, goes too fast that we can’t see the characters developing because there are too much events occurring fastly. Therefore, I assume that readers cannot think Torak as a true hero who protected the forest. We can just think that he happens to be the Chosen One to save it. Despite this negative analysis, I consider that this book has two good points. First is that author’s description is really unique and detailed. Because she went on a research of both wolves and ancient history, the description is clear that readers can imagine easily while reading. Her unique description affects the readers to read more and feel satisfied. Furthermore, this book has a messages that author wants to tell us. For example, through the book we can realize both the importance of braveness and friendship. In this story, after losing his father he was abandoned and left to survive by himself. He did not trust anybody even the wolf, who will be the crucial guide for him, at first. However, as the time goes by, he understands the importance to communicate with the wolf and build a stable bond between his partner. Together they encounter many difficulties, and each circumstances they face, we can see that they became more brave than before. Therefore to conclude this, there are message that strong friendship and being brave can be a way to overcome with the problems we

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