What´s Technical Determinism?

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“Instrumentalism says that technology is simply a tool. Determinism says that technology operates according to logic inherent of itself, it evolves by itself not human decisions. Substantivism says that technology operates according to its own logic but does so at our expense, making us slaves. Constructivism says that technology is socially constructed and shaped by social forces.” (Media Technologies, 2015). Internet is one type of technology that is very vast and has many uses in many ways. Internet is part of a socio- technical ensemble with a determinist illusion because of the way it is used in the every day lives of humans, as well as in the workplace. It is a technology that is needed in the society, and without which it would be…show more content…
The idea figures prominently in the popular imagination and political rhetoric for example in the idea that the Internet is revolutionizing economy and society” (Adler, 2006). Technical determinism is a phrase that basically describes how technology influences human evolution. It is said that who we are is determined by the tools we invent and use. Internet is a great example of technical determinism, because years ago we didn’t have the internet, and today the internet is relied on for everything. In a way it is influencing our evolution because slowly the internet is captivating all sorts of new social media, apps, computers, and multi media devices. Every device now days has an internet, or wifi option making it one of the greatest technological forces in the…show more content…
“The internet is part of the technological base of modern society and it is particularly important to its constitution and development” (Brugger, 2002). Internet is used to plan events, political events and research. Without it there would be no order and there would be a slower development for the society. An example would be, political rallies and how one needs to inform the public of the rallies and events going on. Most of it would be done through internet advertisements over social media, so that the general public knows where to find the information about the location and time

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