Short But Sweet For A Fantasy Epic Analysis

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Short but Sweet For a Fantasy Epic Kort maar krachtig / Short but sweet is a short film directed by Junaid Chundrigar. It uses classic medieval themes to tell a story, but also uses sarcasm and comedy throughout the film to poke fun at these traditional elements of fantasy storytelling. The journey takes place in a short amount of time. So, this film is for audiences of both fantasy lovers and those who get exhausted from the crazy length of fantasy films. One of the first moments of comedy in the film is when the old man is telling the main character about his destiny. He says "Because I can't find anybody else." That is a clear nod to the reasoning behind most heroes' origins in fantasy stories. They each have a destiny and there is some prophecy, but in this movie the tone…show more content…
There is the sword being pulled from stone, which comes from Arthurian literature. There is an oversized eagle, which has become well associated with The Lord of The Rings films. There is the princess who plays the role of damsel in distress. That theme is constant in too many fantasy stories to count. The mash up of these elements seems to be mocking how new fantasy films derive so much information from the older…show more content…
We see that the female travel companion is wiling to defend her friends. She says "I'm wearing a suit of armor" right before arrows charge at her. It's hysterical, but it's also telling of how female characters are traditionally sexualized in medieval texts. Even when they are depicted as not just being passive ornaments of the court like Lady Guinevere in Sir Gawain and The Green Knight, they are still reduced to the worth of their bodies as objects of desire for the male gaze. What the female travel companion is wearing in the scene of attack is essentially a

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