Technology In Classroom Dbq

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The education in classroom is constantly changing in how we teach and learn, ever since technology are being used commonly. Although some may agree that technology has made it more difficult but some may also disagree and say that technology made it easier to learn and teach. The technology like Tablets and Computers can enhance the learning environment. It is more convenient for students and teachers because it is swift. According to Source A, “technology can automate a lot of your tedious tasks”. Technology can keep track of student’s grades and performance much more faster and give teachers more free time. The students can also benefits much more because of the innovating function of technology allow students to learn more quickly. When…show more content…
According to Source B, “Tablets have too many distractions for classroom use. Students may pay attention to apps, email, games, and websites instead of their teachers.” The technology can divert the eyes of students from learning. The students might play games or browse at social media instead focusing on the task at hand. Technology can also disconnect people from social interactions. This includes teachers and students. The students might be so focus on their own “world”, which is the screen in front of them instead of talking to friends to get help. Most students would rather google the answers than ask the teacher or peers for help. The uses of more technology in student life can damage their health. The more students stares at the screen at the computers or tablets, it can increase the chance of getting dry eyes, blur vision, strain on the eyes, and headaches. Doing extraneous work on computer screens are not healthy for eye care. Computers needs to be consistently be charged and whereas textbooks don’t need electricity. Also, computers can crash, and be hacked due to technical difficulties. If the Wifi is down, its difficult to learn. It can cause unneeded stress. Using technology can also create a problem like cheating. Computers can multi-task, which students can google the question on a test. It would only take less than a few seconds. Technology in a classroom can be an enemy

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