Examples Of Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The story is set in the 1930’s, which is located in the deep of south of Maycomb Alabama. It was a great period of injustice that continued to be breeding. Up to seventy years before blacks were salve to the whites. Despite being free they were treated like slaves. They were still considered to be lower class people. It creates many clashing ideologies in small city. It creates issues between the citizens. While on the top of social hierarchy they must neglect the lower class and those beings as down them in order to survive themselves Harper lee prepared this setting to reflect the city in which she grew up. She was able to put more understanding into her writing for the help of her readers to gain a great perspective for the prejudice during that period. Human beings are born with prejudice, because it is our best way to remain…show more content…
To defend a black man in the face of criticism and threats of violence Atticus is very brave. He is also very brave in the face of danger. His bravery can be estimated with that he kills a rabid dog with a single shot and also facing the mob men outside the jailhouse. He urges Scout to be brave. And also urge her to prevent herself from those who criticizes her or her family. For Atticus withholding violence against racism is one if the highest form of bravery. Early in the book, the children believe themselves to be brave when approaching the Radley house, but later on learn that this was a false bravery and in fact it’s silly. Mrs. Dubose’s definition of as the ultimate definition of bravery. Before her death she finds against her morphine addiction in order to be free from it, she even knows that she will eventually die in the process. Atticus also fights against power greater than himself, which tells his children that they should give great respect to Mrs. Dubose. At last, Bob Ewell who shows greatest cowardice, because he lies in the courtroom to protect
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