Essay On Technological Revolution

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Technology revolution There are more than one definition of technology revolution; one of them is to jump from agricultural to an industrial nation, but technology revolution is the period of time at which one technology is replaced by another new technology , this cause a dramatic change in social production as well as content of labor. Technological revolution creates the conditions for a fundamental change in the nature of production and in the functions of the main productive force, the workers. It forces increasing demands on professional knowledge, as well as skills, and organizational capacities. Also increases the role of ethical motivation and personal responsibility in labor. The tenor of labor will progressively come to contain…show more content…
In 1917, Albert Einstein was the first person who put a theory about the process that makes lasers possible called "Stimulated Emission." Gordon Gould was the first one who uses the word "laser". There is good reason to think that Gordon Gould invented the first light laser. Gould was a student at Columbia University under Charles Townes, who invented the maser. Gordon Gould was motivated to set up his optical laser. He did not success at first to file for a patent his invention until 1959. Then, Gordon Gould's patent did not accepted and other persons used his technology. It took until 1977 for Gordon Gould to eventually win his patent war and receive his first patent for the laser. Laser can be used to make holes in a collection of materials, like wood, plastics, metals and ceramics. Real examples of laser drilled holes in actual applications are cooling some holes in aero-engine components, holes in fuel injection nozzles, as well as ink-jet printer heads and micro-vias in PCBs. This great invention has many advantages that make it distinctive. Some of them are the following: • It can be used in the medical filed in surgery, endoscopy, angioplasty, hyperthermia of tumors, and photodynamic
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