Advantages Of Blended Learning

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Blended learning is a learning method that combines face-to-face and online learning,but it doesnt affect on learning goals and objectives. According to Bershin (2004) “Blended learning is the combination of different training “media” (technologies, activities and types of events) to create an optimum program for specific audience. The term “blended” means that traditional instructor-led training is being supplemented with other electronic formats" It can be said that Blended learning is a method or way to learn with help of technological elements such as Internet connection, laptop, gadget etc. Focusing on word “training” and “specific audience” led us to the fact that Blended learning firstly introduced to students who can’t attend class…show more content…
Online material can be updated and learners are able to see the change at once. When learners are able to access materials on the internet, it is easier for lecture to direct them to appropriate information based on their needs. If designed properly, online learning can be used to determine learners’ needs and current level of expertise, and to assign appropriate materials for learners to select from to achieve the desired learning outcomes. 2. Face-to-face learning Face to face learning is a conventional learning model which requires teacher, learners and learning material to have direct interaction. The combination between presentation, demonstration, practice and interactivity makes face to face learning model one of the most appropriate options for learners who prefer to have group activities, group learning and group discussion. In general, it is known that face-to-face learning has two strategies Student centered oriented and Teacher center oriented. Although recent curriculum applies student centered oriented but teacher’s role cannot be ruled out. In face to face learning teacher usually uses several method to make learning activity more interesting and students become more active. The commonly used methods are Lecturing method, Discussion method and Experimental

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