Advantages Of Automatic Cars

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Manual cars are getting old fashioned; however they are still widely used by many drivers. For easy driving, automatic transmission cars are being produced in the market on a high scale. Initially these were expensive and consumed more fuel, for this reason these cars were not demand as manual cars. However, automatic cars have now become more economical. The automatic car is easy to handle and control as compared to the manual car. Most of the young people are going toward automatic car because it is user friendly. At TapeDaily, we will tell you methods to drive automatic car and tips that can help you to drive your car safely and cautiously. Before You Start Driving Before you start driving, it is important to know about the possibilities…show more content…
This will help you to feel easy and confident when you get behind the wheel. Basic controls of the cars are the following below. Pedals Of automatic Car Automatic car has only two pedals, the right one pedal is the gas pedal and the other is the brake pedal. The left one is wider than the right one. To drive an automatic car, you need to press brake pedal to start the car. In automatic car there is no clutch that’s why the left foot is always at rest. If you are used to drive manual transmission car, it will take some time to be habitual to put your left foot on the footrest. Gear Shifter It is located between the seats. It is crucial to know the roles and functions of the gears to ace the driving test. You will see some letters and numbers on an automatic gearbox which are known as PRNDL (pronounced as ‘Prindle’) in the automotive world. Let’s elaborate these: P (Parking): to park the car safely It locks the transmission by leaving the car parked safely. You cannot move your car anywhere in this position/ R (Reverse): for reverse driving This allows you to drive your car backward. You just need to press shift-lock button before choosing the R

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