Freedom Is The Most Precious Desire For Freedom In The Philippines?

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I think that freedom is the most precious value that human beings desire to achieve. Historically speaking, it was the desire for freedom that coloured world history. This desire did not only confine to the theoretical level but was raised in the praxis; by taking action. That is why the world witnessed the greatest people’s upsurges which overthrew the previous dark epochs of human history. For what inspired the people of the conquered and exploited Asian colonies to rise and free themselves from bonds of foreign control? For what inspired the masses of the Russian and Chinese to overthrow the regimes that kept their societies backward? For what inspired African Blacks to resist the racist apartheid rule? For what inspired the Filipinos to rise against the Spanish colonial regime, resist the American and Japanese imperialism, and further resist the abuses and excesses of the so called “Republic of the Philippines” in the times of the dictator Marcos until now through the continued people’s vigilance to the Napoles Scam? I think the only inspiration for this is the desire for freedom.…show more content…
I speak of freedom as a freedom that accompanies social, political, and economic freedom. Freedom from exclusion, freedom from persecution, freedom from poverty. This freedom is not to be enjoyed by one individual but the whole of the majority of the population. Who compose the majority? They are the “we”, the common people, the masses, those whose social, political, and economic freedom were deprived by human puppetry that is committed no other than by the privileged groups in a specific society or even committed by another powerful society to another less privileged society in the international relations

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