Passenger Car Industry In India

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For the past one and a half decade the passenger car population has been steadily increasing. This is mainly because the Indian economy is now considerably liberalized for all types of industries. India is having around 30 odd passenger car models on the roads developed indigenously and equal number of models in commercial vehicle segment. Even though there has been a decrease in sale of commercial vehicles, the sale of cars and other vehicles has been increasing. All the international major passenger car manufacturers and two wheeler manufacturers are showing keen interest in the Indian market, and many have come out with new models. The Indian industry with its cost advantage and fundamental engineering capabilities has become a major source. The manufacturer has to gear up to the expectations in the international market. The car makers like Ford, GM, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Peugeot have set up their plants in India with an investment aggregating over Rs.40,000 crores. Many of these plants are located in Chennai. Also the existing car makers - Maruti, Fiat, Hindustan Motors are also bringing new models on the road.…show more content…
The passenger car population in India is 6 cars per thousand which is very low when compared to even neighboring countries like Pakistan and Srilanka. There is an immediate need to step up this figure to 7 per thousand. The attractive automobile financing schemes have also boosted the demand for cars in India. An automobile services station not having any specification, has to have minimum facilities to service the vehicles, such as necessary equipments facilitating regular washing, wheel balancing, door servicing

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