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We would never have been able to storm Normandy beach during world war 2 without the support of armed pilots protecting the men on the beach. While we ended up winning the war, many good men died both on the ground and in the air. This is just the way war is, men must fight the battles in order to secure our freedoms. We must allow the ones we love to sit in the pilot seat and fly in our countries defense. Or do we? What if we could take the pilot out of the cockpit? Thanks to advances in drone technology, that wish and dream is a reality. Drones are now doing many the missions that pilots once did. However, there is lots of controversy concerning armed drones and wishes to restrict the use and development of this lifesaving technology. Laws…show more content…
However, those are not the only commercial drones available. Drones have been designed for filming and catching otherwise impossible shots. They are used for delivery, notably the Amazon Drone Delivery Service. Drones are also being used and are changing farming. Phil Hamm, the director of the Hermiston Agricultural Research Extension Center, explained, ” A UAV can fly over a field and spot areas of the field that have infestation that you would not see 7000 feet above the ground” (National Geographic) The Drones are able to find problems with the crops that farmers would be unable to catch otherwise. The military has a different name for drones, UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. These drones are used for a variety of purposes, from surveillance to offensive missions. These drones were developed with the idea of removing the risk of losing a pilot as well as perfecting military strategy. Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Stiles of the US Navy explains that the drones were designed to do the job of the pilot better while having the drones “be small enough to reduce costs and operate within a condensed range”. This only widens the potential of these aerial

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