The Pros And Cons Of Private Education

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My mom and dad were at a friend's party, the subject of where does your children go to school came up. This is a subject we dread and avoid whenever possible. We cannot discuss private school without mentioning costs and income. "Where we choose to send our kids to school is a loaded topic that can come to symbolize a parent's values, income and worldview. But the public versus private school debate doesn't even enter the equation for a majority of Americans who can't afford private school tuition. So why all the judgment?" (Wallace, Kelly) Back in the 90's, before the dot-com crash, we were making very good income and money was never an issue. When the economy and market tanked, I was a laid off network technician struggling to complete for work against network engineers who were willing to do technician jobs. When my unemployment insurance checks ran out, I joined the Army National Guard. This was not an easy decision to make. At that time, I was a 36 years old man with a wife and two boys to care for, and the Army was my mid-life crisis. I have always regretted not joining the armed forces when I was younger. After multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I now have the GI Bill to help pay for my continuing education. Both my wife and I grew up under the public school system and we turned out alright. Today I am attending a private school for my nursing program. So why chose a public…show more content…
private school is a debate that rages across the playgrounds of America. In the end, no study is going to be perfect. It is just too diverse, and with too many factors to consider. Only the parents can decide what is right or wrong for their children, and every family is different. There are three major decisions that shape our lives: where we go to school, what profession we choose, and who we marry. But once the child becomes an adult, then it is up to them to decide where to attend school and which path to

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