Arming Teachers With Guns In Schools Essay

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Would training and arming teachers with guns help solve the problem of shootings in schools? Recently a lot of schools have been looking for ways to protect their students from armed criminals. Making the schools safer can prevent devastating event such as the ones that occurred in Columbine High School and at Sandy Hook Elementary. However, training and arming teachers with guns will not solve the problem of shootings in school. Armed teachers will intimidate students and scare them, preventing them from focusing in their learning. Furthermore, having guns in classrooms can easily be accessed by curious children or even criminals. Finally, most of the training that teachers receive last about 3 day which is not enough time to learn how to properly use the weapon and be able to comprehend the situation. It would be safer for student to prevent teachers to carry guns at school. Although others disagree and believe that by having firearms around, teachers would be able to protect their students better. Not to mention make students feel safer at school. Teachers will…show more content…
However, if a student is afraid of someone barging in and shooting their classmates, or even think what if the teacher were to get mad? The teacher could possibly decide to shoot the students. All of those negative thoughts distract the students from what they should be learning in class. Other student might see instructors different and loose that bond of trust students develop where they can ask questions freely without feeling intimidated. Allowing teachers to carry guns can also affect the way teachers are seen by others, teachers will become more like security guards and loose the trust of students. Many people most likely express their feelings and thoughts about something with a teacher rather than a police officer of security guard because of the miss trust in the

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