Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology Essay

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Technology is known all of the world and used by people every single day. But we have to face the consequences of using technology. Technology has positive and negative effect on our daily life. This is because technology can’t be always giving advantages to peoples, so there are also disadvantage of technology. The positive effect of technology is from the toy string phone to the advanced mobile phones of today technology has unquestionably made staying in contact a great deal less demanding. Cell phones have turned out to be fundamental since you would now be able to call anybody at whenever, anyplace. Indeed, even space isn't a prevention for talking with friends and family or with anybody via telephone. In the interim, regardless of the…show more content…
Man may have profited a considerable measure from the improvement of technology in most if not all parts of his life but rather this is at the colossal cost of the earth. The technology used to outfit our common assets are advanced to the point that it can collect billions of assets in such a brief span. Technology is reaping these assets so quick the world is being sucked dry of its common wealth. Other than that, technology also enable us to face extinction. The negative impact of technology to the earth is influencing the each living thing yet the toll is heavier on creatures other than man on the grounds that these creatures are more helpless. Despite the fact that there are different components that added to the elimination and close termination of various species technology additionally has an extremely huge influence. What is a case of technology adding to the termination of creatures? The bald eagle, the peregrine, and the dark colored pelican have been not able effectively duplicate chiefly because of the manufactured synthetic DDT. DDT is a result of farming technology used to slaughter bothers. What everybody did not know at that point is this brilliant thought would execute the fowls as well. Exceedingly created nations have diminished the utilization of DDT. Lamentably there are a few creating nations that are as yet utilizing this pesticide until today.
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