Literary Devices In The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, modifies my feeling of the purpose of literature converting it to be that literature’s intent is to inform readers about a country’s history during a particular historical period. However, the purpose of a literary work isn’t only to make readers understand the historical events but also to make them experience and establish commentary on that period in history. This novel can be easily analyzed through a historical lens, as it depicts many factors of the growing economy and of the people of the 1920s. Also, it perfectly depicts the people’s modification of the American Dream during that time. People no longer were striving for equality but for incredible wealth. During the ¨Roaring Twenties¨…show more content…
Gatsby throws profligate parties as shown by the excessive number of people, lights, food, and the entertainment. The guests at his parties perfectly represent the people with newly acquired wealth present during that time. They attend his parties just to drink liquor, eat his food and simply enjoy the luxury that they believe to be the American Dream. They, in fact, are not interested in meeting the host, nor they bother attending his parties with an invitation. They are simply interested in the glamour that Gatsby shares through the throwing of these parties and this is shown when Gatsby dies and all the people who frequented his house for his parties every week mysteriously disappeared, abandoning Gatsby when he no longer could do anything for them. This shows how insensitive and superficial the new wealthy people were at that time, as long as the old wealthy people who also disappeared after Gatsby’s death. The significance of cars also grew, as the desire to gain wealth and status increased. Cars symbolized a status of well-being and freedom. Gatsby possesses innumerable cars, including a Rolls-Royce which served to display his attainment of a rich status. In conclusion, these cars represent the American Dream and Myrtle being struck and killed by Gatsby’s car exemplifies the fact that it’s the desire to reach her American Dream that kills
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