Argumentative Essay On Child Abuse

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Abuse means use a person with violence, and causing a harmful damage to the person. Nowadays, kids are being abused by adults physically and sexually. Unfortunately, some parents are punishing their kids with rudeness and beating, and this is a one kind of child abusing. Moreover, parents who are careless, and who ignore or neglect their kids are abusing them too by allowing heartless sick people to abuse them sexually. Children have the right to live their childhood away from violence and sadness because every child born to live a happy life, and they really deserve a wonderful life. According to Leslie (1997) while discussing about child abuse that “three decades of research on child abuse has clearly underscored its public health importance”(p.319).…show more content…
Abusing is nothing but awaking kids, and making them awake for what they might face in the future. According to Straus (1980)” Child abuse typically refers to act committed by parents on their children which other members of the society view as inappropriate and harmful. Thus, child abuse depends on historically and culturally relative judgment.”(p. 7). Some families follow some unaccepted theories that go along with their cultures and traditions. Parents who are totally covered in the name of tradition, so that whenever others ask them for the reason of abusing their kids badly, they just answer that they was treated the same by their parents, and that what made them stronger and they want to raise up their kids to be similar to them. Thus, tradition and culture shows us that generations would never change if people always keep on using the same things that they used to know, and there will be no changes for the future value. Also these types of mentalities are affecting everybody’s future in a negative way. Some people are obviously blind with their own system of life, and this sometimes could be main reason for criminals. Moreover, staying away and ignoring harmful cases like these is proving that people are far away from humanity. Sadly, some people are fine with it, and they think that this is family’s privacy. Tradition is never the

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