Advantages And Disadvantages Of Higher Education

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Higher Education Higher education is an engine of economic growth in any country including India. It supports knowledge driven economic growth strategies. It provides an opportunity to critically reflect upon the social, economic, cultural, moral and spiritual issues facing humanity. Indian higher education system has undergone massive expansion since independence. Keeping with this, K.B.Powar (2002) examines the basic concepts of higher education; evaluate the growth, development and future of Indian higher education. He also reviews some critical facets of the higher education system including the management of universities, autonomy and accountability, research in universities and internationalization of higher education. This book examines…show more content…
This paper provides an empirical mapping of Indian higher Education and demonstrates that higher education in India is being de facto privatized on a massive scale. They discussed that this privatization is not the result of changing ideological commitments of the key actors like the state, the judiciary or propertied classes. Rather, this privatization has resulted from the breakdown of the state system and an exit of Indian elites from public institutions, to both private sector institutions within the country as well as abroad. Authors also examined the role of judiciary in shaping the regulatory landscape of higher education and argued that it an important actor that shaping the regulatory landscape of Indian higher…show more content…
He examined the growth of higher education in India to the changing funding pattern and suggests ways to ensure that higher education remains both affordable and accessible to all. The author emphasizes the need for greater adaptability in the higher education system so that it continues to provide the needed skills and trained workforce to the economy as it integrates with the world economy. Policy measures required to promote, sustain, and enhance world-class research are also included. The paper provides a roadmap for reforms towards improved accountability of the system. He takes a comprehensive look at the various facets of higher education in India. He adopts a systems approach for achieving policy coherence and multi-level coordination required to address genuine concerns in the Indian higher education on a long-term basis and uses the experiences of other countries to suggest measures to tackle its various systemic

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