The Pros And Cons Of Freedom Of Speech

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Freedom of speech while it was guaranteed in the United States of America following the first amendment, it dates back to ancient. In essence, freedom of speech guarantees individuals the right and ability to express individual opinions without the possibility of the government interference. This then becomes one of the ideals that led to the foundation of the United States democracy. However, just like in all democracies there are limitations that this particular freedom has carried from the first amendment to the present day. Even though it has been determined that the first amendment did not provide clear guidelines for the freedom of speech, over the years the United States Supreme Court has undertaken the mandate to clearly define this freedom. With this in mind, we can then determine that the freedom of…show more content…
The Congress would thus pass the act to ensure that the French sympathizers and thus the troublemakers were in deed silenced. Besides restricting the freedom of speech in the United States of America, the Sedition Act would also provide for penalties for individuals that were found guilty of publishing or talking of anything scandalous, malicious, or false. These acts would be committed against the Congress, the President, or the government in general. The Sedition Act was received by mixed feelings across the nation and individuals believed that the government was abusing its power and mandate by restricting the freedom of speech. However, those individuals that were found guilty of breaking this new law were convicted according to the new rules and regulations as determined by the act. Resulting from these convictions, a total number of twenty five individuals were arrested and convicted, all American citizens. For instance, an individual was convicted for terming President John Adams an individual that continually grasped onto

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