Dalton Conley Equality

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All men are equal, based on status, rights, opportunities, and are entitled to an identity of treatment and income – which is the concept of equality. This concept is what American rights were built upon. Equality means each individual is entitled to the same economic, social and political rights, granted access to the same educational opportunities, and bound by the same laws, without discrimination based on one’s race, gender, social class, or ethnic background. As one of the first principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence, “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”. This statement for equality has been the topic of much debate, as, by nature, no two individuals can truly be equal in all respects.…show more content…
Equal opportunity ensures the absence of discrimination in opportunities for employment; to which “the idea that everyone has an equal chance to achieve wealth, social prestige, and power because the rules of the game, so to speak, are the same for everyone”1 as described by Dalton Conley, the author of “You May Ask Yourself “. When applying this concept to society, it means no one has a head start and each person’s place is up their individual ability. Conley exemplifies this standard by using a game of Monopoly to describe society. He claims everyone has an equal chance when starting the game and any differences are a result of luck by the roll of the dice and the player’s skill level to make choices to benefit their wealth. In comparing this example to society, the standard of equality of opportunity is thought to eliminate inequality, as the rules of the game in society are expected to remain fair and the same for all; therefore making any existing inequalities in society fair. Although, we cannot ignore other factors that play a part in society, such as family inheritance or social connections that, unlike Monopoly, effects individuals’ starting

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