Argumentative Essay On Beauty Pageants

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Beauty pageants for children affect them socially. Children are taught how to pose, blow a kiss, and wink for the judges. For instance, in one of the episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras a 'reality' television show that depicts contests of that sort, not only have the ability to put a spotlight on the lives of the participants and portray them in the most inappropriate ways and circumstances (Wolfe, 2012). A three-year-old girl was dressed up to look like a prostitute. By doing this, parents are not only damaging their young ones’ childhood but they are also creating unbecoming habits. It facilitates unnecessary and inappropriate behaviors (Durham, 2014). Additionally, the contestants do not have enough time to spend with their friends since they are taken miles away to spend some time on an emotional coaster. This destroys their healthy relationships with others, thus…show more content…
Each contestant participates in the named groups, while the judge’s tally up marks from him or her. Each stage needs a different costume. Therefore, parents spend considerable amount of money on the costumes for the pageants. It is very expensive to buy an outfit for each category. For instance, according to “Good Morning America” report, the average cost of a pageant dress is a thousand dollars. In some cases, participants are required to wear several outfits, which raise the price tag. This strains guardians economically. Additionally, there are other costs such as signing up fees and traveling expenses. The cost of entering a kid to beauty pageant competition is high. It includes accommodation, training program, hair and make-up services by an expert, and entry fees. Apart from the costumes needed in each category, a registration fee is also required. Guardians make payment plans, since each contest can cost up to a grand. In addition, traveling expenses are part of the deal making the whole process

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