Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Commerce

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INTRODUCTION E-Commerce also known as Electronic Commerce is the use of internet to perform trading and business activities. The various technologies used by e-commerce business are Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), mobile ecommerce etc. E-Commerce has become a thriving business and is still growing exponentially towards the future. EVOLUTION In the 1960s, the US Defence Department developed ARPANET, a secure and robust communication network for networking with defence organizations. In 1971, the ARPANET network was started to be used by academicians to share research. A sale was arranged between students at Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and this was the first e-commerce business ever to be done. Slowly, this network evolved and…show more content…
We would need to travel to find such products. However ecommerce has brought the world closer and we can search the product online and get it delivered to our door step without any hassle. DISADVANTAGES OF ECOMMERCE There are a few challenges faced by e-commerce business. i. Security The major concern of people performing business and shopping through ecommerce sites is Security. They are hesitant to type their credit card numbers for online transactions due to large amount of news on Internet Hacking. They are also afraid of con-men cheating them of their money with false promises to deliver products. People still prefer to be present when the shopkeeper swipes their cards against the transactions. However nowadays E-commerce provides secure transactions through SSL encryptions to avoid security threats by hackers. Also there are various Digital Certificates online that will verify the authenticity of the supplier. We also have many online payment services which do not transfer money to the supplier unless confirmation of delivery is shown by the customer. ii.

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