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Samuel Taylor Coleridge (21 October 1772 - 25 July 1834), an English romantic poet, a literary critic as well as one of the representatives of the Lake Poets, was born in the town of Ottery St. Mary in Devon, England. His father, John Coleridge died when he was eight. Then Coleridge was sent to Christ’s Hospital, a charity school where he became friends with Charles Lamb. In June 1794, Coleridge made his new acquaintance with Robert Southey (1774-1843). They soon decided to establish an idealistic community called “Pantisocracy,” but it turned out to be a failure. Later, the two young aspirants co-authorized the play The Fall of Robespierre. In 1795, Coleridge met William Wordsworth. In 1798, they published Lyrical Ballads, which was deemed as the prelude of the Romantic Age. In 1817, Coleridge published his most complete prose, Biographia Literaria. He wrote many famous poems such as Christabel, Kubla Khan and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.…show more content…
The poem starts with an ancient mariner, who stops before three wedding-guests and asks for their halt to listen to him. Here goes the ancient mariner’s story: accompanied with cheerful hail and soothing breeze, the ship drove out of the harbor and headed for ocean. Not for a while, it was stuck in south. Thanks to the albatross’s guidance that the ship escaped from the freezing cold sea. Abruptly, the ancient mariner shot the albatross. Then the ghostly hulk appeared, cursed by “Death” and “Life-in-Death,” survived the ancient mariner, died the other sailors one by one. The mariner finally realized his irremediable penitence and his unconscious bless to the sea snakes brought back the sympathy from God for himself. At last he went back home city with the help of the

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