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I wish to study abroad at the University of Sydney to learn from a different perspective, experience a new culture, and participate in a once in a lifetime opportunity. Studying abroad provides an amazing chance to meet new people and step out of my comfort zone. I will also gain independence by living in a foreign country without close friends or family. Many factors were involved in my choice to study abroad. My experiences growing up played the one of the biggest roles in this decision. My mother worked for the Department of Defense and my family was stationed at a base in Germany for most of my life. While I went to an American school and my parents were from the States, I lived in a German town and interacted with people and a society that were foreign to me. This gave me a valuable insights on how to live in a country that I was not a citizen of. I learned about the culture, traditions, and language of my host country, even though I had a different nationality. This provided me with an understanding on how to navigate cultural differences and feel comfortable in new situations. My ability to thrive in a foreign country made the decision to study abroad a straightforward one. These skills made me confident in my ability…show more content…
I plan on taking classes on Australian Wildlife, Ecology, Geology, and Indigenous History. By learning about these fields from new professors in a different setting, I will be able to obtain a new outlook on my academic career. Understanding material from multiple points of view will undoubtedly give me an advantage over other students. In the long term, studying abroad will also help me with my plans after graduation. Hands-on experience with research will give me practical skills that aid me in pursuing internships and applying to graduate school. Additionally, I will be able to network with and get advice from professors with different experiences than I am used

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