Olx Indonesia Case Analysis

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OLX Indonesia (formerly tokobagus.com and berniaga.com) is a classified ads website in Indonesia focused on buying and selling products and services online. OLX Indonesia is a place to look for new or quality used items such as electronics, automotive, home, housewares, miscellaneous services, and also a job. On November 14, 2014, OLX Indonesia announced that it would merge with OLX berniaga.com Indonesia in 2015. The merger process has been completed in February 2015. This website comes in 2005 with the name tokobagus.com and is the largest online trading center in Indonesia, which is visited by more than 100,000 visitors each day OLX is now located in 106 countries around the world, Angola, Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Indonesia,…show more content…
Arnold first came to Indonesia in early January 2000, when he was a young entrepreneur who has just graduated from college in the Netherlands. Through PT Isha Jaya, he started a business in Indonesia, right after the first Bali bombing erupted. At that time he offers manufacturing services e-commerce sites. On cope, 2005, Arnold started the business of buying and selling online. He prepared Tokobagus.com concept and start building okobagus.com. In 2008 Arnold got investors who later became his partner. Together with new partners, in the same year they moved to Jakarta and established PT Tokobagus. Precisely on Tuesday (05/20/2014), branding Tokobagus who had been so attached to eventually be replaced with a missing name "Indonesia" that OLX. So when we typed URL Tokobagus long, a notification appears on the screen explaining that the name Tokobagus.com turned into OLX Indonesia to address olx.co.id. "This change only the name, logo and url. While all other aspects, which have been enjoyed by millions of Indonesian people are still the same and unchanged, " said Chief Operating OLX.co.id, Alif Priyono, in his official statement. Trading activities and advertising can still be done as…show more content…
In addition, if you want to make contact with sellers who advertise on OLX Indonesia, are not required to register first. The website also provides product specifications tab or services required, such as the brand, type, year of the maximum and minimum as well as maximum and minimum prices. OLX Indonesia is also available in the form of Version and Official Mobile Application for Android. There is no cost for advertising, except when requesting service additional promotional (promo point) for ads that are paired. The fees charged are merely "recommended" open "required". So, if it does not want to use additional promotional services, you do not need to pay

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