Advantages And Disadvantages Of Death

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I never thought about death deeply before I went to my grandfather’s funeral. I was 15 years old at that time. It was December 31 by lunar calendar, and he was 72 years old. It was my first time to actually face to death. My grandfather knew when he would die. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a long time. He knew that he could only live 2 weeks more. A day before he died, he told me that he regretted a lot what he couldn’t do while he was alive, and he would regret even more if he didn’t know when he was going to die. At this time, I learned a lesson. Although, there could be some disadvantages of knowing when to die, I’d like to know when I am going to die for the following reasons: forgiving others, relaxing, and saying goodbye to acquaintance.…show more content…
There are a couple of people that I didn’t forgive yet. About 2 to 3 days before my grandfather passed away, he told me that he regretted a lot not forgiving some people in his life. He felt guilty not to pardon them. He told me that he couldn’t forgive them because of his pride and that was the most stupid thing that he’d done in his life. If he got more time in his life and had a chance to talk to those people, he’d like to forgive all of them. My grandfather used to say this, “there is no one in the world who can’t be forgiven.“ I can’t forget this quote forever. However, I couldn’t put this into practice. I truly believe in him and his opinions were always right. Therefore, I’d like to know when to die so that I could forgive people that I couldn’t while I wasn’t faced to

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