Chris Mccandless Life On The Road Analysis

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Is Life On the road suited for everyone? McCandless wanted to adventure like many of the characters in Jack London’s books. McCandless, wanted to adventure and see new things. He wanted to experience adventures and set off and embark on a new journey. McCandless, felt or thought that leaving his old life and starting a new life, would help him get away from his “annoying” family and from the problems his parents were facing. Chris wanted to leave society behind and all the fake people that lived in it and those that he was surrounded by. All the experiences that McCandless encountered on his way Into The Wild, lead him to tell Franz to do the same. Ron Franz, was an 81 year old that was alone and encountered McCandless on his journey through the United States trying to get to…show more content…
After Franz, finds out about McCandless's death he decides to take his advice into consideration. Franz, ends up hitting the road and ends up leaving his old life behind and embarks on a new journey, just like McCandless did. On the road, McCandless experienced so many things. He saw and did many things he thought he liked and thought he was never going to do. For example, he did water rafting through the Colorado River. He also, passed through Vegas and Los Angeles. On the contrary, this advice unfortunately does not apply to everyone. Many people, don’t want to leave their “Comfort Zone”. Some feel that they depend on what they do on a regular basis. McCandless, wanted to leave that comfort zone he lived in. He wanted to adventure and try new things. Chris, identified himself in so many ways with the characters portrayed in Jack London’s literature. There are many advantages and disadvantages with living this style of life. Some advantages are: you can value and do things on your own, try new things, and not depend on anyone. Some disadvantages are: not being mentally prepared, physically prepared, and it could also lead to death. The advantages of trying to

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