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Breaking The Glass Never let shininess hold you back just keep moving forward. Trust me you don't want to end up like some people. When I was 5 years old I was a really shy person. I always used to stay by myself in the corner. Nobody wanted to be my friend and it was kind of hard to communicate with them because I only knew how to speak a little bit of French at that time. Sometimes people will start calling me names and laugh at me but I didn’t know they were at me so I started laughing with them which made me really embarrassed. The year went by like that, the whole time so I was always coming back home crying and was very sad. My mom would always comfort me by giving me a big bowl of cereal cookies and letting me watch my favorite french T.V show Cornemuse. As every day went by I was trying to get stronger and stronger. In winter break 2011, my family and I went to a ski camp called Camp Fortune. There we had a coach guiding us and teaching us how to ski and where to go. The coach was really friendly his name was Andrew. When we arrived he complimented us by saying to me and my little brother that we are really cute. In our group, there was a girl my age that looked really nice but I didn’t think she wanted to be my friend. I…show more content…
We all knew we were going to miss each other, that is why we have a picture of each other and we promised to put it up on the fridge directly when we got home and we did. From that year until we moved to Alberta we use to hang out very often and I am still in contact with her. This moment was the best time of my childhood because I developed my socializing skills and became open to the people around me. I had a lot of friends at school now. If you are a shy person just try to talk to someone by helping them. It won't hurt to say a little word to someone because one action can change someone's life. Just like me by helping Natalie, she became my best

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